Welcome to NBR Wrinklies

Welcome to North British Rubber Wrinklies


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Our Purpose
This site has been created as a free service for those who worked in the North British Rubber Company (in 1966 it became Uniroyal Ltd part of Uniroyal Inc).  The Rubber workers made it the place it was with dedication and skills not seen today. A good example of the skills were the tool and die makers for extrusions who had it right decades before today’s technology took over. Sales, Production, and Development Management and the Financial Controllers worked hard and did their part.

  These resourceful people included Directors Rubber Workers, Salesman, Managers, Chemists,  Engineers, Accountants, and many other business disciplines which are too numerous to list here.

These lucky people are now mainly retired and living in various parts of the world. It is hoped that this web site will offer a trip down memory lane and facilitate communication between these people, their friends and family.

The North British Rubber Company formed in 1856 was the first Rubber Company in Scotland and the Second in the United Kingdom.

An informal lunch, for ex-employees, is held in Edinburgh twice a year and if you are interested in attending please contact  Martin Hale at martinhale@onetel.com   If you wish to contact the  this website the Editor's e-mail address is Editornbrinklies@aol.com

Site Changes
The original site was laid out to encompass the plans of start up --with experience we have re-jigged the site to be more specific to the input we have and continue to receive. Please be patient and if you have a problem looking for something please contact editornbrinklies@aol.com

The Basic Headings are 
"The Start", "History", "The Business", "Product Stories", "People", "Seeking Information" and "Archives"

in addition there are sub pages giving more specific detail


     We are deeply indebted to Martin Hale who has collected most of the memorabilia from various sources and continues to be the key link with the past. Richard Bell, Jim Finlay, Sandy Kay, Albert Rose, and others have worked hard researching the Company's history. 

We Thank them all








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