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Tailoring in Rubber
Gold Mine Clothing
Compliments from 110 years ago
Wedding Bells 1959


Aug 4 2014


On this day 100 years ago the First World War started. We have all read of the huge loss of life of British soldiers. The policy in some areas was for locals to be recruited to the same regiment. In the case of Edinburgh it was the Royal Scots. A look at the war memorial which used to be on the wall just inside the Mechanical Division gates confirms The pals regiment.

As the result of this carnage there was a great shortage of men available for marriage. One example of this was the Clothing department which in the 50s and 60s had about 60 employees, all ladies who did not find a partner, usually as a result of the War. They never the less were great characters and still managed to enjoy life. They all retired about the same time in the sixties.

This is written as a memorial to these ladies who paid a price in their own way because of the carnage in that war.


September 4 2010

Tailoring in Rubber
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to read a story from North British News from February 1959, titled "Tailoring in Rubber"
   by T.W. Murray (remembered affectionately as TOM )

September 25 2010

BELOW : Another statement on record that NBR products 
were second to none and the BEST

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September 25 2020

Below is a statement that confirms the excellent quality that came out of Castle Mills 
many many years ago  The date of this NB News was July/August  1959
so it could be that it refers to around 1900--110 years ago

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September 19 2010

Above are two photographs of Year End Wedding Bells for 1959

The one on the left is:
 "Friends and workmates congratulate Owen Archibald of car mats , Castle Mills, and G.W. Simmonds makes a presentation on their behalf. Owen was married in St Patricks Edinburgh on Saturday 27th December 1959
On 27th December 1959 Margaret Archibald, of
Clothing became Mrs William Shiels. Friends and fellow workers presented her, through Supt. Warne, with some delightful dinner ware.
Peggy was with us almost 5 years

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