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January 9, 2015





December 29 2014
Thanks to Roy Gutteridge we have a statement from a page on E-Bay of this NBR golf ball from the late 19th to 20th century

Vintage Golf Ball – North British Rubber Company Co. Ltd

     This unusual golf ball does have a split and the cover



Vintage Golf ball               Clincher Cross 29 golf ball

A good example of an unusual pattern rubber core golf ball with mesh pattern cover. The brown patination suggests it is probably a lake ball and is in fare condition it’s age with a crack.. The ‘29’ designates it’s size. The ball was manufactured by the North British Rubber Co. Ltd

The rubber core ball (the ancestor of the modern ball) began it’s life in the late 1890’s. The first mass produced rubber core ball was by Coburn Haskell of Cleveland, Ohio. The first core balls were hand wound with elastic thread with a Gutta-percha cover, moulded with the raised square mesh pattern of their predecessor. The slight irregularities in the early wound balls made them quite lively, it was not until the invention of the automatic winding machine by John Gammeter (an engineer at Goodrich) and the change of pattern from mesh to bramble that the balls became more consistent and predictable


December 24 2014

Active Golfing Members when Castle Mills closed in the early 1970's

George Munro      David Owen    Ronnie Scott  (Union Rep)    Bob Cairns .

Joe Aitken    Jim Daly  Willie Murray    Les Affleck    George Price    Jock Flockhart

Tommy Newlands    Tommy Naples    Bob Arthur


December 11 2014


Recently some of us have been looking at E-bay and on occasion purchased small items some of 
which are shown earlier on this  below is a recent statement about golfing memorabilia


Another very strong section was Golf Ball Display and Advertising.  Although Lot 113—a North British Scottie Dog—failed to meet its reserve (estimate £700-900) on the day, it sold to a private buyer after the sale for  £780.  The majority of other lots sold well and two lots in particular emerged to bring significant sums.

The top selling item (Lot 125) was a 14-inch tall pressed cardboard Silver King golf ball advertising figurine that sold for £ 6,000.  It is extremely  rare, with less than 10 known examples to have survived.  It was made during the early 1930s by Universal Seamless Containers who had the contract to supply the Silver Town Company.  They in turn paid the golf and professional shops to display it near their Silver King golf balls.  The second highest item (Lot 121) was in the same section.  It was a very small (just 12 ½ inches tall) Dunlop 65 Caddie point of sale figurine and is only the third one to come to auction within the last 10 years.  It is probably the finest example in existence.  The Dunlop Caddie was displayed by the shop professional to encourage the members to play with Dunlop 65 golf balls.
Lot 121 sold for  £4,560.

Two lithographic prints—each measuring 15 x 10 inches –featuring turn of the century golf balls had been consigned at a Bonhams’ Sports valuation day at Henley.  The consignor had a folder filled with advertising prints for such well known brands as Bovril, Ovaltine, and Pears’ Soap, etc.  They were discarded turn of the century printer’s proofs or samples and came with a contract or agreement whereby the printer bought from the artist the copyright to each image.  Each was fiercely fought over, as reflected in the figures: 
Lot 114: A Springvale Falcon golf ball print circa 1906—sold for  £900;
Lot 122:  A Coir Core golf ball print circa 1907—sold for  £900;
Lot 114A:  A 1960s Dunlop 65 golf ball counter display with a 12 inch diameter—pictured on previous page—sold for  £216.
 (Lot 116, a Dunlop golf ball shop dispenser tin with an estimate of  £1,200 - £1,500, failed to meet its reserve.)





Old Clubhouse

The late Maggie Dunsmore
 November 17 2014

Some more pictures for the memory thanks to Andy Wanstall


Andy Wanstall and Tommy Affleck, son of the late Les Affleck.

Two Castle Mills Trophies and thanks to Andy Wanstall for this

October 10, 2014


Thanks to Andy Wanstall we are reminded of the enjoyable games of golf at the Braids by members 
of the Castle Mills and Uniroyal Golf clubs.

We would like to try to locate the trophies played for and are under the impression that the last winner
 of any of the trophies will still have it- We only wish to know how many trophies have survived and 
possibly for the record  have a photo of the trophy. The Club was started in 1912 which is 102 years ago.

Andy kindly sent a few photos which may stir memories !



Braid Hills 16th Green - left-to-right: Willie Murray, behind is Jock Flockart,

Andy Wanstall and George Munro holing-out.


Braid Hills 1967 - in front of the Starters Office top-left-to-right: Willie Murray,

???,  Les Affleck, Andy Wanstall.

Joe Aitken kneeling at front.

 Willie, Les and Joe have now sadly passed-on.


Braids 17th Green - Notice the beautiful Edinburgh Castle in the background.

October 29 2014

 Here below are some pictures kindly supplied by Andy Wanstall of what the Braids were
like a century ago--in the snow--Thank you Andy


Andy and Tommy   Braid Hills  1967

                                      Castle Mills Trophies  1967


If anyone can help or knows someone who can help, please contact the Editor at   editornbrinklies@aol.com