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Romance of Rubber

Development Dept. Organisation 1959

Castle Mills Lab

Rubber as a Career

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January 23 2011

Below we have the Fourth and Fifth instalments of Mr F L Pearlman’s Romance of Rubber

As we find the other chapters  we will post--Editor

November 7 2010

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September 25 2010

Castle Mills Laboratories

L Knight who joined us at the beginning of this year with previous experience in the industry. Each member is capable of undertaking any of the jobs in this section. The Textile Laboratory is under the supervision of Mrs E. Hughes, whose period of service with the company extends to 10 years , and who has also served in the Chemical and Physical laboratories. Miss M.Lodge who retires in August after 41 years service with the Company.and Miss M Strachan, who became a member of the Laboratory Staff last year after six years with Industrial Relations are her assistants.  
Each delivery of the fabrics used in production, and there are many, is tested under standard conditions of temperature and humidity for strength, elongation, weight, and construction, and is released by the Laboratory only if it meets our own or customer's specification. The Laboratory is well equipped for evaluating  competitors
fabrics however employed


September 2010

This article came from an article in NB News of July/August 1959