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This page is here to record the existence of the NORTH BRITISH R P C  (Rinkly Pensioners club)
The club was started in the year 2000 by Dave Vallis and since then there have been a number
  of very enjoyable lunches held at Bruntsfield Golf Club in Edinburgh , and now at the 
Casa Mia Restaurant in Dumfries. The next Lunch is on May 27 2017 

  Martin Hale is the hard working organiser and if you require any information 
please contact Martin at


Next year's lunch date is May 27 2017


Annual NBR Lunch at Casa Mia Restaurant in Dumfries

May 28, 2016

An enjoyable lunch was held but with a few missing normal attendees:

Martin and Angela Hale, Jim and Margaret Finday and Mr and Mrs Albert Rose.


Attendees (list will follow)


































































































































































































































Casa Mia Lunch May 30 2015

Attendees (list will follow)


1 George Greenfield, George Barclay, Martin Hale

2 Brian and Irene Corless, George Greenfield

3  Back of Mrs Karen Stewart, 1/2 right hand profile of Bruce.  Stewart Murray (with Glass to face), Mrs Jeanette Murray, Peter Birkbeck, Stewart and Jacqui Segrott, David Air

4 Mrs. Jeanette Murray, Peter Birkbeck

5 Stewart and Jeanette Murray, Peter Birkbeck

6 Karen and Bruce Stewart

7 Stewart and Jacqui Segrott

8  David and Cynthia Air

9 Margaret and Jim Finlay

10 Stewart and Jeanette Murray

11 George Barclay and Martin Hale

12 Brian and Irene Corless, George Greenfield

 13 Karen and Bruce Stewart, Stewart and Jeanette Murray, Peter Birkbeck

14 Jeanette Murray, Peter Birkbeck, Jacki Segrott, David Air

15 Jeanette Murray, Jacki Segrott, David Air, Cynthia Air, Karen and Bruce Stewart

16 Stewart and Jeanette Murray, Peter Birkbeck, Jacki Segrott, David Air, Cynthia Air, Jim Finlay, Karen and Bruce Stewart

17 Brian and Irene Corless, George Greenfield, George Barclay and Martin Hale






The Annual Lunch Organiser Martin Hale has sent the following--


"I have just confirmed the booking for the Private room at the Casa Mir, Nunholme, Dumfries for Saturday 30th May 2015 for approx. 12.00 noon, to sit down approx 12.30pm.


Please make a note of the date in your diaries and a further reminder will be sent nearer the date.


Sadly as our numbers are diminishing, it would be really great if as many of us , with our wives were able to attend."




June 8, 2013

Rinklies Lunch 2013


A very enjoyable lunch for former employees of NBR was held at the Casa Mia restaurant in Dumfries on June 8, 2013. A total of 14 former employees and spouses attended.

Unfortunately there were some last minute call off's  for various reasons, but a good time was enjoyed by all attendees.

Martin Hale as usual did an excellent job of making the arrangements—the venue was convenient, if a little noisy, and the food was good.

List of Attendees 

Martin & Angela Hale
David & Cynthia Air
George and Alice Barclay
John & Elma Campbelton
Brian & Irene Corless
Bill Farrell
George & Edith Greenfield
George Keeton

Left side - Martin Hale, Angela Hale, Brian Corless, Irene Corless, George Greenfield
At table end - Bill Farrell
From far end on Right - George Keeton, Cynthia Air, John Cambelton, Elma Campbelton

John Campbelton & Bill Farrell


George Barclay, George Greenfield, David Air

Martin and Angela Hale

Bill Farrell and George Keeton

George Greenfield

George Barklay, John Campbelton, Elma Campbelton, Alice Barclay

Brian & Irene Corless

Edith Greenfield & Alice Barclay

Elma Campbelton & George Keeton

June 18, 2012

Rinklies Lunch 2012

A very enjoyable lunch for former employees of NBR was held at the Casa Mia restaurant in Dumfries on June 2, 2012. A total of 27 former employees and spouses attended. There were attendees from Edinburgh and other UK locations. We were pleased to welcome Albert & Sabine Rose and Joe & Jean Denton who made the effort to join us and renew old acquaintances.
Martin Hale did an excellent job of making arrangements—the venue was convenient and accommodations and food were good.

The date for next year’s lunch is Saturday June, 8 2013. Please put it in your diary and please plan to attend.

Attendees 2012

Martin Hale - Organiser and Chairman
David & Cynthia Air
George & Alice Barclay
Mike & Val Barrie
Tom & Moira Bartlett
Jack and Margaret Boyd
Brian & Irene Corless
Joe & Jean Denton
Jim and Margaret Finlay
George & Edith Greenfield
John & Mary Hanson
John& Jean Hume
George Keeton
Ted Murray
Albert and Sabine Rose


Joe & Jean Denton, Mike & Val Barrie, Jim and Margaret Finlay, George Keeton

George Keeton, George Barclay, Sabine Rose, Cynthia Air, Albert Rose, David Air

Jack Boyd, Jean Hume, John Hume, Ted Murray, Moira Bartlett, John Hanson, and  Mary Hanson


Brian Corless left foreground, Edith Greenfield, George Greenfield, Margaret Boyd, Jack Boyd

Tom Bartlett, Irene and Brian Corless

Ted Murray, Moira Bartlett, John Hanson, Mary Hanson

Mary Hanson Tom Bartlett, Irene Corless, Brian Corless

Margaret & Jack Boyd, Jean & John Hume

George Keeton & Alice Barclay

Mike & Val Barrie

Joe & Jean Denton

Chairman Martin Hale


January 12 2012


Dumfries June 2012

Martin Hale has done the hard work in arranging a Rinklies lunch on Saturday 
2,June  2012 at the Casa Mir restaurant  on Nunholme Road Dumfries
A private room with a capacity of 40 has been arranged 

so it is first come first served is unfortunately the order of the day

Menu's will be advised nearer the date, to enable choices to be made 
and the Restaurant informed.


Thanks Martin for your hard work




 Edinburgh October  29 2011

An enjoyable lunch was held at Bruntsfield Golf Club in Edinburgh --the last one at Bruntsfield
Thanks to Martin Hale and John Hume for all the organising--the next lunch will be in the Dumfries area probably on June 2 2012--Mark your calendar

Attendees Autumn 2011

Martin Hale—Organiser and Photographer
George & Alice Barclay
Val & Mike Barrie
Tom & Moira Bartlett
Jack & Margaret Boyd
John & Elma Campbelton
Richard Donnell
John & Jean Hume
Bill Lamb
Jimmy & Dorothy Lowe
Stewart & Jacqui Segrott
Ian Thompson


Right Side only: Tom Bartlett, Alice Barclay, Dorothy Lowe and Jimmy Lowe with John Hume back to camera

Left Side
Val Barrie, Mike Barrie, Jacqui Segrott, Stewart Segrott

Left side only
Tom Bartlett, Alice Barclay, Dorothy Lowe & Jimmy Lowe

Far side Left to Right Jean Hume Jack & Margaret Boyd, Richard Donnell, Bill Lamb,  John Campbelton


 Left Side   Val & Mike Barrie, Jacqui & Stewart Segrott

   Ian Thompson, Elma Campbelton George Barclay 
& Moira Bartlett
Editor's Note--I was told that George was only collecting the money





June 6 2011
                                       Edinburgh May 21 2011 

Thanks to the organization of both Martin Hale and John Hume a very pleasant lunch was held at Bruntsfield Golf Club in 
Edinburgh on Saturday 21st May 2011

The attenders were
George and Alice Barclay
Mike and Val Barrie
Jack and Margaret Boyd
John and Elma Campbelton
Richard and Irene Donnel
Bill Farrell and Evelyn Farrell
Jim and Margaret Finlay
Martin Hale
John and Jean Hume
Bill and Agnes Lamb

Jim Finlay, Bill Farrell, George Barclay

Irene Donnel, Agnes Lamb, Elma Campbelton, Richard Donnel,

Bill Lamb, John Campbelton, Irene Donnel

Elma Campbelton. Richard Donnel,

John Hume, Alice Barclay, Margaret Finlay,

Jack Boyd, Margaret Boyd, John Hume

Jean Hume, Jack Boyd

Left to Right Bill Farrell, John Campbelton, Elma Campbelton,Irene Donnel, Richard Donnel, Me, Mike Barrie, Bill Lamb, Agnes Lamb, Val Barrie, Evelyn Farrell,

George Barclay, Alice Barclay, Margaret and Jim Finlay, John and Jean Hume, Margaret and Jack Boyd.




The date of the second lunch of 2011  is October 29th 2011

Unfortunately this will be the last at the Bruntsfield Golf Club,
where we have had the privilege of enjoying our Lunches for the last 12 years

NBRinklies     Pre- Christmas Lunch   2010  November 27

 This is a comment from the Editor of the web site www.nbrinklies.com

Once again  the Rinklies group is privileged to be able to be guests at Bruntsfield for the next Lunch for Rinklies and their ladies Date Saturday November 27 2010
  As usual we will meet in the lounge at 12 noon, prior to going upstairs to eat.   
Please support Martin and John Hume’s efforts and keep supporting the

Please be kind enough to reply to Martin so that attending numbers can be given to John Hume to pass on to the Club Secretary              





Edinburgh  May 29 2010
The Rinklies lunch was held on May 29 at Bruntsfield Golf Club and although 
several stalwart attendees were missing because of holiday date clashes 
22 attended and an enjoyable time was had by all

List of Attendees

David and Cynthia Air
 Richard and Anne Bell,
Jack and Margaret Boyd,
John and Elma Campbelton.
 Richard and Irene Donnell. 
James Glass
John and Jean Hume.
Jimmy and Dorothy Lowe,
Bill and Agnes Lamb,
Stewart Segrott 

Alice and Effie Smart, 

The photos below were kindly taken by Jack Boyd and others


1. ? David Air Cynthia Air, Effie Smart, Dick Bell's back, Stewart Segrott

2.Left to right.Dorothy and Jimmy Lowe, Jean Hume, 
as photo 1 except L-R foreground Margaret Boyd, Jean Hume, Dorothy Lowe's back.Richard Donnell, sitting, John Campbelton ,standing.


4 Too many to name--sorry-- and too dark


LH Table. Dorothy and Jimmy Lowe, John Hume, Alice Smart, Effie Hughes. R-H, 
Stewart Segrott (back to camera) John Campbelton, David and Cynthia Air, Anne and 
Richard Bell, Richard Donnell, Elma Campbelton.


6                                Margaret Boyd, Jean Hume, Jim Glass, John Hume

7                                       Jean Hume, Margaret and Jack Boyd

8                                                  Effie Smart Jim Glass

9                                               Jim Glass, and Alice Smart

10              Bill Lamb,   Richard Donnell, John Campbelton, Dick Bell, Elma Campbelton

11                           Elma Campbelton,  Agnes Lamb   ?

12                                       Jimmy Lowe and John Hume
13                                              Jimmy Lowe and John Hume


December 3 2009

Thanks to the hard work by both Martin Hale and John Hume, a very enjoyable lunch was held at Bruntsfield Golf Club on November 28 2009. A total of 30 attended including Rinklies their spouses and the Smart Sisters. 
Tom Bartlett and Martin also invited as a guest Mrs Patricia Davidson who is the daughter of the late Willie Fraser who was Purchasing Manager at Castle Mills retiring in 1967.  Willie was remembered by quite a number of those who attended and Patricia brought some photographs from her father's collection to show to those attending.

George and Alice Barclay
Tom and Moira Bartlett,
Richard and Anne Bell,
Jack and Margaret Boyd,
John and Elma Campbelton.
Brian and Irene Corless
Richard and Irene Donnell.
Jim and Margaret Finlay.
Martin Hale
John and Mary Hanson
John and Jean Hume.
Jimmy and Dorothy Lowe,
Bill and Agnes Lamb,
Ted Murray,
John Shaw
Alice and Effie Smart,
Ian Thompson,

  From the look of the photos below everyone seemed to have had  a 
very enjoyable get together with lunch--Editor

Martin Hale has kindly  identified the names of personalities in each photo. Martin 
has  standardised on Left to right and clockwise, He omitted names where faces 
cannot be seen, or if anybody is not facing the camera. Everybody attending was photographed at least once!


  John Hume, Jean Hume, Margaret Boyd, Jack Boyd, Margaret Finlay, Alice Barclay

 John Hume, Jean Hume, Margaret Boyd, 
Margaret Finlay.

Jack Boyd and Ian Thompson.

  Brian Corless and John Shaw.

  Mary Hanson, Irene Corless, John Hanson,

    Tom Bartlett  &  Jimmy Lowe

  Brian Corless, Anne Bell, John Shaw,

  Moira Bartlett, Martin Hale, Dorothy Lowe (sitting)

 Ian Thompson, Jimmy Lowe (At bottom of table) Dorothy Lowe, George Barclay, Margaret and Jim Finlay, 
Ted Murray

Alice and Effie Smart, Tom Bartlett, Bill and Agnes Lamb, Irene and Richard Donnell,

Elma Campbelton,  John Hanson, Richard Bell, Irene and Brian Corless, John Shaw, John Campbelton,

Alice and Effie Smart. Alice eating 
Martin Hale's Dessert

Irene and Brian Corless, John Shaw, 
John Campbelton,

  John Campbelton, Richard Bell, Elma Campbelton.

John and Mary Hanson and Anne Bell,

  Ian Thompson and John Hume,

Agnes Lamb, Irene Donnell, Richard Donnell 
and Bill Lamb,

  Jean Hume and the "Lovebirds" Margaret and Jack Boyd.

  Richard Bell with Alice and Effie Smart , Effie was Richards first Boss at Castle Mills,

Elma Campbelton, Effie Smart, Mrs Patricia Davidson, Alice Smart. Moira Bartlett standing.

Ted Murray, Jim Finlay and George Barclay.

  Jimmy and Dorothy Lowe in earnest discussion,


  Tom Bartlett



November 1 2009

Below is a copy of the letter Martin sent out on October 30 2009

Maboncroft, Greenhill, Lockerbie, DG11 1JB 
Tel No 01387 810 003
 E-mail martinhale@onetel.com

NBR          North British Rinklies

                                                          NBRinklies Pre-Christmas Lunch

Ladies and Gentlemen,

                  Please accept my apologies for the lack of any communications this year concerning the activities of NBRinklies. Due to health problems I experienced which I am now happy to say are resolved and in the past. And a second  apology for the sudden and unexpected for the cancellation of the booked Summer Lunch, due to circumstances outwit our control.                              I am happy to invite you all to the next event. We have booked the private room at the Bruntsfield Golf  Club, Edinburgh, for Saturday the 28th November 2009. We hope that as many of you as possible will be able to us join in this year
                   May I remind you that the room can accommodate 60 people, so it will be first come I'm afraid.  A further notice 
will be issued nearer the time.
                   We look forward to welcoming old friends and new faces, if possible
Yours sincerely,
                          Martin Hale.

February 6 2009
Martin Hale the Secretary of the Rinklies lunches held at Bruntsfield Golf Club tells the editor that the planned lunch on June 8th 2009 has had to be cancelled as the Club are refurbishing in time for the Club's 
bi-centenary celebrations. 
However the pre-Christmas lunch is still on and planned for 
November 28th

Records of Reunions are in chronological order 
Click line to go to record


 November 29 2008 Lunch Bruntsfield G C.

 June 14 2008 Lunch Bruntsfield GC

 Christmas Lunch 2007

 May 2007 Lunch
 2006 Reunion Pictures

 Inaugural Lunch 2001

      Date of next lunch booked for 6th June 2009 same venue.

   December 2 2008
The November lunch held at Bruntsfield G.C on November 29 2008

  We have to thank Jack Boyd for taking the photos

  Martin Hale reports :

  32 members and Ladies attended the lunch last Saturday. If it hadn't been for inclement weather 
  and illness we would have had 40 attendees. Which would have been a record recently!

List of attendees 

Bill and Agnes Lamb.
Miss's Alice and Effie Smart.
Mr and Mrs Alex Forbes,.
Tom and Moira Bartlett.
John and Mary Hanson.
Jim Sinclair
Jack and Margaret Boyd.\
John and Jen Hume
Jim and Anne McAlister.
James Glass.
Jimmy and Dorothy Lowe.
Stewart and Jackie Segrott.
Richard and Irene Donnell.
John and Elma Campbelton.
Mike and Val Barrie.

Face obscured Jim Glass, Jim Sinclair,  Stewart Segrott ,  Elma Campbelton, Richard Donnell and Irene , head of the Table Alice Smart, Mike Barrie and Val, John Campbelton, Bill and Agnes Lamb.




Margaret Boyd, John Hume, John Hanson, 
Anne and Jimmy McAlister, Head of Table 
Effie Smart, Moira Bartlett, Mary Hanson,Tom Bartlett, Dorothy and Jimmy Lowe.


People moving about after the lunch. Jim Glass talking to Alice Smart at end of Table. Lady next to John Campbelton left is Jackie Segrott


Effie Smart at end of table Jim McAlister to her right
 Moira to her left. Mike Barrie standing with back to camera.




Alice Smart and Jim Glass (back to camera)

Mike Barrie and Tom Bartlett in earnest conversation. Alice and Jimmy Lowe doing the same

Jim Glass

Jim and Dorothy Lowe, Jim Sinclair all sitting, Jim Glass standin

John and Mary Hanson facing camera, Jim and Anne McAlister to side and back to camera.









John and Elma Campbelton backs to camera, Richard and Mrs Donnell and Mary Hanson








Bill and Agnes Lamb, John Hume and Alice Smart,  Background, Mike Barrie Jimmy and Dorothy Lowe and Jim Sinclair

Tom Bartlett and Stewart Segrott




July 9 2008

We are fortunate to be able to show the photographs of the Rinklies Lunch at 
Bruntsfield  Golf Club in Edinburgh on June 14 2008

Participants  John Campbelton,  George Barclay,  and Richard Donnell

From Left to Right -- John Campbelton  Bill McEwan  Bill Lamb  Agnes Lamb 
Ted Murray,  George Barclay,  David Air,  Jimmy Lowe,  Dorothy Lowe, 
 Margaret Boyd,  Jack Boyd,  Ron MacIntyre,  Clive Thawley,  Barbara Thawley, 
 Richard Donnell,  Elma Campbelton

From Left to Right -- Bill Lamb  Agnes Lamb,  Ted Murray  George Barclay 
 David Air , Martin Hale Jimmy Lowe  Dorothy Lowe  Margaret Boyd  Jack Boyd  
Ron MacIntyre,  Clive Thawley   Barbara Thawley   Richard Donnell  


  December 11 2007                                            

  NBR ---North British Rinklies 
Christmas Lunch held at Bruntsfield Golf Club in Edinburgh on December 8 2007

Here is a list of attendees in alphabetical order--
Martin Hale Chairman, Tom and Moira Bartlett, Mike Barrie, Jack and Margaret Boyd, 
John and Elma Campbelton, Richard Donnell, Jim and Margaret Finlay,
John and Jen Hume, Bill and Agnes Lamb, Ted Murray, Gordon Morrison, 
Stewart Segrott, Jim and Morag Sinclair, Clive and Barbara Thawley

Below are some photographs of the occasion


Left to Right:  Jim and Morag Sinclair, StewartSegrott,Gordon Morrison, Richard Donnell,Mike Barrie, Jack & Margaret Boyd,Jen and John Hume.

Left to Right: Moira Bartlett, John & Elma Campbelton, Clive Thawley, Jim Finlay, Barbara Thawley, Bill Lamb and Agnes, Ted Murray, Tom Bartlett

Elma Campbelton, Clive Thawley Margaret Finlay.

Moira Bartlett, John Campbelton, Elma Campbelton

John Hume (back of head) Jim Finlay, Barbara Thawley

Bill Lamb and his wife Agnes, Ted Murray

Tom Bartlett

Jack and Margaret Boyd, Jen Hume


Mike Barrie, Jack Boyd

Gordon Morrison, John Hume and Richard Donnell

Jim and Morag Sinclair, Stewart Segrott

Near the Bar

John Hume and Martin Hale

Left to right: Elma Campbelton, Clive Thawley, Margaret Finlay

Barbara Thawley, Bill Lamb, Agnes Lamb,
Ted Murray, Tom Bartlett


Stewart Segrott, Gordon Morrison, and Richard Donnell

Martin Hale and Mike Barrie

Clive Thawley and Margaret Finlay

Jack Boyd, Margaret Boyd,Jen Hume, Jim and Morag Sinclair, Stewart Segrott

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May 18 2007
Below are the photographs taken at the NB Rinklies lunch at 
Bruntsfield Golf Club on Saturday 12th May 2007

From Right side of Table  R to L #2

Bill McEwan, Peter Birbeck. Ron Brown,  Stewart Murray, John Hanson, Tom Bartlett, Jock Shaw,
 Mr & Mrs Jim Sinclair

Two couples at table end---Jean and John Hume on the left, Margaret and Jack Boyd on the right 




# 3 The Ladies of the Royalite Group

# 4  Leo Young and Bill Farrell 





# 5 Bill Farrell, George Barclay, Ted Murray with Leo Young of J.J. Gillan of Dublin

# 6 Mr and Mrs Dave Russell



# 7  Ron Brown , Peter Birkbeck, Bill McEwan,  
Martin Hale

#8   The Industrial Division males 
L to R: Tom Bartlett, Ron Brown, John Shaw, Jim Finlay, Martin Hale, Jimmy Lowe, Jack Boyd,
Bill Farrell, Jim Sinclair., Peter Birkbeck, George Barclay, George Greenfield, Richard Donnell,  John Hume, John Campbelton, Bill Lamb, George Tulloch, Willie McEwan, John Hanson,  Stuart Patrick



# 9  Jack Boyd in earnest conversation with Jean Hume

# 10  Mr & Mrs Jim Sinclair



# 11  Royalite Group
Mr & Mrs Willie McEwan, Mr & Mrs Ron MacIntyre, Peter Everett, Bill Conway, 
Mr & Mrs Dave Russell, Mr & Mrs Richard Donnell, Mr & Mrs Bill Lamb, Mr & Mrs John Campbelton

# 12   Royalite Males
 Tom Bartlett, Ron Macintyre,Dave Russell,Peter Everett,Jack Boyd, John Campbelton, 
Bill McEwan,Bill Conway,
Willie McEwan, Jim Sinclair, Stuart Patrick 
and Bill Lamb. 



#13 This is the Royalite table but from the 
other end from Pic number 11 above

#14 Royalite Mixed Group.



#15  L to R. George Barclay, Ted Murray, 
George Greenfield, Jim Finlay

#16  Dorothy and Jimmy Lowe

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November 27 2007

Martin Hale our hardworking secretary  has sent 6 photos taken on the occasion of the Summer 2006 
Rinklies lunch when the grand total of attendees was 9. Lowest ever recorded!
 Martin tells me that;  it has taken over a year to extract the images from my cell phone as the software for the Samsung phone is at odds with all the recognised systems here. What we did, eventually, was to transmit them to my daughters phone and then she sent them to my computer.
Thank you Martin

The photographs of the 2006 Summer Rinklies lunch

John Campbelton and Martin Hale

John Campbelton

Richard Donnell  and  Bill Lamb

George Barclay and Tom Lee

John Hume and Jimmy Lowe

 Martin Hale and Jack Boyd

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January 12 2007
 Here we have the actual report of the First Rinklies lunch kindly   supplied by Sandy Kay  --thank you Sandy   
                                       North British Rubber Co Ltd Re-union Lunch
                                                         Friday 13July 2001

The inaugural lunch of past employees of the North British Rubber Co Ltd took place in the Bruntsfield 
Golfing Society clubhouse on the 13 July 2001. This lunch came about as the result of an idea 
floated at  a lunch attended by only three past employees, Dave Vallis, David Air and Sandy Kay in July 2000.  Dave Vallis then suggested that as there had been an albeit limited attendance that a second lunch should  be held in 2001 with more attendees. From this decision Dave began the task of locating as many of the  past employees as possible. This was no mean task as many of the people had moved on, not only in the  local area, but also to exotic location in the USA and in various parts of the country. The result was a lunch date being set and finally a total of 18 people attended what was an excellent event. The attendees were requested to bring to the lunch any memorabilia from the old company, which most were able to do, among which was the brass plaque that was originally mounted on the gates at Castle Mills.
     The names of those who attended were;
                      David Air                        David Ainslie                       Tom Bartlett
                      Jack Boyd                      John Campbelton                 Alec Forbes         
Bill Farrell                      Jim Finlay                             Jim Glass 
John Hume                      Bill Hare                              Alastair Johnston 
Sandy Kay                      Jimmy Lowe                         Duncan McDonald           
                      Alastair McKenzie         Stewart Segrott                    Dave Vallis  

All the participants agreed that the event should be repeated next year. In the meantime it was also
 suggested that a visit to the Dumfries factory would be something of interest, also suggested that a 
visit to the Royalite facility at Newbridge could be put on the agenda. Dave Vallis undertook 
to co-ordinate these events and to advise those interested.
At this point Dave Vallis is to be congratulated
 for his persistence in making all the arrangements for what was a successful event.


                                         We have to thank Sandy Kay for supplying the photographs

Photo 1---L to R--Duncan McDonald, Dave Vallis,
Bill Hare, and Alistair McKenzie

Photo 2 L to R. -Alec Forbes, Stewart Segrott, 
John Campbelton, and Jim Finlay


Photo 3   L to R Jim Glass, Alistair Johnston,                     
Duncan McDonald, and Dave Vallis   

Photo 4 L to R-John Hume, David Air, David Ainsli









Picture 5 reading Left to Right
Jimmy Lowe, Bill Farrell,  Alec Forbes, Jim Finlay,  Alastair Johnston, John Campbelton, 
Tom Bartlett,  Bill Hare,  John Hume,  Jim Glass,  Dave Vallis,  Alastair McKenzie , 
Duncan McDonald, Stewart Segrott,  David Ainslie, David Air, Sandy Kay, Jack Boyd


Photo 5 L to R --Jim Finlay, Tom Bartlett, Bill Farrell,
Jimmy Lowe, and Jack Boyd

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