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Ice Hockey Puck 



Marine Fendering


Making Brakes for Ships


Vacuum Forming --Tooling


A peep behind Sundries


December 24 2014


Once again Roy has found old NBR items on E-Bay, this time it is a Rubber Ice Hockey Puck—It is for sale by a Canadian.   Roy has been in touch with the seller and I quote:

 I have corresponded with seller to try to determine age but he has no knowledge of the date this was made. I would anticipate between 1900-1919 as the dimensions which the seller has now added to the advert is below the " game standard" first introduced in 1920.

Below is the photograph taken probably close to a century ago--showing the Puck--It is difficult to recognise all the writing





January 16 2011
This was the beginning of TIPTRAK which was pioneered 
by Colin McInnes



January 9 2011


Dock Fenders are the biggest task for our extruders



January 5 2011
here we have another example of the NBR Company being at the forefront of New Application needs


        December 4 2010

Vacuum forming Tooling

Here we have the story behind the making of Car mats for the Automotive Industry
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September 25 2010

Some good comments about a department called Sundries
which had very special products and very skilled employees