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An Appreciation of Gilbert Crerer

Article in The Scotland Monthly Business Review

100 Year Old Clincher Tyres

Annual Sales Conference 1963

Unique Coal Board vehicle
Newbridge Golf Winners

Transport is our Business
They calendered Tyre Cord fabric
Tyre Division Retirals 1960
Tyre Adverts from 1905
The offices of NBR before WW1
A classic Advert from 1911
Tyre adverts from the 1920's
Someone trying to sell Old Clincher Tyres on E-Bay
Tyre Block expansion plans in the late 50's

More old adverts for NBR tyres

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An Appreciation of Gilbert Crerer by Ken McAnally

I had the great experience of working directly for Gilbert at Uniroyal Newbridge..I started with NBRC in 1966 at Castle Mills and moved out to Newbridge in 1968. He was a tremendous boss, hard but fair, drove a largeFord car I think and when he held a quick meeting in his office (second floor) he would not let people sit down....you always knew you were in trouble when Gilbert would begin scratching the back of his left hand with the fingers of his right..."time to get to point" then.

I remember happy days until  I left there in 1981.

Ken McAnally


Thanks to Andrew Birbeck, son of the late Arthur Birbeck, we have this story from the 

Scottish Monthly Business Review dated August 1967.

The men who brought Uniroyal on stream at Newbridge

Click here to read this article using the Adobe Acrobat









We are most appreciative of Des Joslin sharing his old motor cycle information about it’s tyres—see below


Des Joslin tells us :

I recently inherited a 1907 "The Quadrant " motor cycle and it is fitted with the Clincher tyres

The rear tyre is disintergrating but the front one although cracked and perished is in suprisingly good condition.

The information on the wall of the tyre is as follows- it says-

HEAVY (in a box background)

then in lower case - Manufactured by the North British rubber Co LTD Edinburgh reg No 639900.

Des comments;
Whether it was much of a clincher in the wet or not, I don't know but it looks quite a snazzy design. It is nevertheless incredible that it has lasted for over 100 years.
Photos of the tread.are shown below

Des wonders if there are any other Clincher tyres of that vintage still around. If anyone has any information to give can you please contact the Editor at editornbrinklies@aol.com

There are Clincher tyres used today but apparently only for pedal cycles as opposed to Motor cycles--Editor







E H R Schmidt, Tyre Sales Replacement Sales Manager 
addressing the Conference






Below is a general view of the Conference Hall at Brighton with 
the Tyre Sales Division in session


                              TWO DAYS' INTENSIVE PROGRAMME
                                   at Tyre Sales Conference 1963



January 17 2011

This is a further example of the benefits of NBR to the National Coal Board 

December 20 2010
Here we have the golf presentations to the Newbridge winners to see please click here

   November 25 2010    
Transport is our Business
From the January 1961 NB News 

November 25 2010

                                                                    A glimpse of the Transport Department Office with, 
                                         Left to right Bill Martin,  Dave Ferguson,  Nessie Ford,  and Mrs Smythe

Bill Martin who looks after the supervision of Traffic vehicles: also imports and exports
Dave Ferguson  - who supervises our garage vehicles and records of vehicles, also control of Representatives cars
Mrs Smythe  secretarial work and looking after our main Carriers Accounts, drivers log sheets, drivers wages, and all travel bookings  
Miss Ford--the baby of the Department, who assists in typing and checking all consignment notes and summaries

November 23 2010


November 14 2010
This Item was taken from the 1960 NB News
Two retirees who gave a lot of good service to the NBR Compnay

Tyre  Adverts from 1905

Above we see the advert for North British Rubber Tyres 
plus a good picture of the factory at Castle Mills—

The world wide offices of North British Rubber in 1906

it is interesting to note that although the year was 1906 they had :
UK offices in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, and ,Leeds,
Overseas Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Amsterdam, Milan, Constantinople and Hong Kong
Then below a classic for the time 1911


September 30 2008


Thanks to our friend in Barcelona, Pablo we have some Sales Copy 
of Tyres manufactures Par la  North British Rubber Co, 
 d'Edinburg--Ecosse from the Bruxxelles office together 
with sales literature shown below for 
Automobiles, Bicyclettes and Motocyclettes

Below the first four refer to Bicycles

These refer to Motocyclettes or in todays language Motorcycles

September 12 2008

Thanks once again to Pablo from Barcelona 

Here are some really nice illustrations of leisure and social meetings, a theme very usual in automobile and Tyre adverts in 20s (golf, Club, Parties, beach...)


September 11 2008

We are once again indebted to Pablo from Barcelona for his help in finding NBR memorabilia, the picture below is from E-Bay with the sellers description

Description from seller
Sign from Garage Wall - or somewhere like that !!  Measures approx 24" x 151/2" and is painted on Galvanised steel
Has holes drilled in the corners where it has been screwed to a wall and also scratches on the surface, but I would say it is it is a reasonable condition. Don't know the origin or history only that I bought it at an auto jumble sale about 10 - 15 years ago and it hung on a wall in the house until recently when we changed the look of a room so this and some other signs have to go as they no longer fit the decor 

Sounds like he got married !!!


July 7 2008
We are indebted to Pablo from Barcelona who has sent us
another contribution to the graphic history of North British
 Rubber Company rubber company. 
A postcard from 1921 he saw on the web.

April 9  2008

This is an advertisement from E-bay with some one trying to sell the old North British  Tyre sign for  Clincher Tyres



North British Rubber Clincher Tyre Sign c1920's 8 x 4ft

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March 22 2008

To triple output within a year

Perhaps it is the Tyre Division where the first benefits of our modernisation plans have 
been felt. Original equipment  contracts for new cars have increased at a great pace, while 
sales activities in the tyre replacement  and bus mileage markets are highly encouraging. 
Within 12 months the out put of US Royal Tyres will have trebled


F.A. Yagerman
Tyre Factory Manager

A new series of bag-o-matic presses for car tyreshas helped immeasurably to increase production

This photograph features the New McNeill presses which will ensure greater output of giant tyres



To supplement existing mixing capacity comprising modern high-speed No 11 Banburys, 
plans are being made to install one additional 84” mill at each unit. This will enable reductions 
to be made in machine cycle times and thus effectively increase our present volume output.

Capacity in this department is being increased and present equipment improved to provide 
better cooling facilities, thus improving the quality of treads.

To meet expanding production requirements it will be necessary to materially expand 
our existing solutioning capacity..This will be in operation by the autumn of 1958.

To enable the preparatory to keep pace with these increasing demands new banner cutter 
and bead coiling equipment will be installed this winter. The installation of these additional 
units will make necessary a re-arrangement of the Preparatory Department will then be located 
on the 1st floor

During the remainder of 1957, new Akron Servicers will be fitted to those passenger and truck
 building machines not yet equipped with them . Apart from satisfying our production needs, 
these modern servicers will considerably enhance the quality of our finished tyres.

By the end of the year the old and uneconomical autoclaves will be removed and 
sufficient modern shear –strip presses installed to meet requirements for heavy tyres. 
Still more B.O.M. presses for passenger tyres are on order and will replace obsolete 
De Mattia  mpresses by the end of this year, followed by further passenger B.O.M. 
and heavy service shear-strip presses during the winter to enable us to meet 
increasing sales requirements


February 12 2008

Above are adverts for clincher Tyres pre second world war

Kindly supplied by Pablo Medrano Bigas from Barcelona