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July 7, 2016

Moira's Church service
Click here to read: http://nbrinklies.com/obituaries.html 


June 17, 2016

I, David Air started the Rinklies web site in 2000 and it contains a lot of interesting history of the Old North British Rubber Company which became Uniroyal by name in 1966 although it had been in US Rubber control for many years before that. The years rush on and Bruce Stewart has kindly accepted to take on the task of continuing the task.

David Air

I am in the process of creating a Facebook Group account that will in time take over the role of the NBR Wrinklies website although both will run in tandem for the immediate future.

Initially the Facebook account will be for a 'Closed Group' which only accepted members will be able to see and add posts to. Time will tell if it should be opened wider. The title of the group will be 'North British Rubber Company'. There is no mention of 'Uniroyal' in the title as there are already several pages for the various divisions of the company on Facebook.

Any former employee (Rinklie) of the North British Rubber Company/ British arm of Uniroyal is welcome to join the Group but will have to have their own Facebook account to do so. Applications to join should be sent to Bruce Stewart (Linlithgow Academy) on Facebook or by email to Bruce at ' brucekaren136@yahoo.co.uk '. I'm not too sure if Facebook allows people to apply to join Closed Groups directly. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Regards Bruce



June 10, 2016
Brian Corless tells us about the passing of Moira Bartlett and the information about the service.

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April 16, 2016



May 28 2016

A  message from Martin Hale

Just to remind you that the Summer Lunch is booked at the Casa Mir,  Nunholme, Dumfries  on the 28th May 2016.

Please let myself, or George Barclay, know if you are able to Attend.  We require 24 attendees to secure the long private room.

March 24, 2016
Roy Gutteridge also shares a photo of Crystal Palace London North British Rubber Shoes Boots Late 1800's
Click Here to read:  http://www.nbrinklies.com/ww2.html 

February 5, 2016
Roy Gutteridge tells us about the passing of Jim Suggit
Please click here http://www.nbrinklies.com/obituaries.html

November 3 2015
To read of the initial work that Ron Chalk and his PG team had to go through to
get a foot in the door to convert London Transport to timing belts
Please click here http://www.nbrinklies.com/powergrip.html

November 2, 2015
Read about the Birthplace of the Welly Boot and the Traffic Cone
Click Here to read:  http://www.nbrinklies.com/ww2.html 

October 21, 2015

Read an An Appreciation of Gilbert Crerer by Ken McAnally
Click here to read: 

October 5, 2015

60 Plus pages of the history of the NBR company from 1856-1956.  Interesting reading
Click Here to read:  http://www.nbrinklies.com/ww2.html 

October 5, 2015

Updates have been posted with names under the pictures from the May 2015 Pensioners Lunch.  Next year's lunch will 
be on May 28, 2016.  
Click here:  http://www.nbrinklies.com/rinklypensionersclub.html

October 2, 2015

To read a cruising offer from Fred Olson Cruising with a 10% discount on all cruised.  This cruise is a Five-Night Fjord
cruise in Norway. 
Click Here:  http://www.nbrinklies.com/cruising.html

September 28, 2015

To read an article from Scotland The Scottish Monthly Business Review - dated August 1967 titled
The men who brought Uniroyal on stream at Newbridge
Click here http://www.nbrinklies.com/tyres.html
Also reporting the death of Arthur Birbeck 11 years ago.  His son Andrew, provided the article above
Click here  http://www.nbrinklies.com/obituaries.html    

August 27, 2015

To see meeting about future plans for the NBRC Head Office Building
Click here

May 26, 2015

Sadly we lost Jim Sinclair
To read please click

May 6, 2015

Bob Pitcher is looking for his old friend Jim Cornet.
To read please Click http://www.nbrinklies.com/wherearetheynow.html


March 27 2015

A number of photographs of the old factory site and the old Head Office have been posted 
on the HISTORY page to view http://www.nbrinklies.com/ww2.html

March 7 2015

A sculptured Wellington boot has been made to commemorate the hundreds of thousands 
made by NBR in the First World War to view Click Here http://www.nbrinklies.com/ww2.html

February 24, 2015
Click here to see some Advertisements from the 1920's.  

February 21 2015

Sadly our great lunch Organiser, Martin Hale is likely to be moving soon to be near family in England-
-Martin is keen to have all the names and addresses in good shape in order to hand on to his successor
Can you kindly advise Martin of your current contact details. Address, E-mail , and phone number please
Martin's e-mail is martinhale@onetel.com

February 18 2015
To remember the first World War and the Trench boots to save the soldiers from Trench foot made
 by North British Rubber, two very attractive artists Svetlana Kondakova and Maja Quille made the sculpture with it being named  'Imprint'.to view
please Click Here

above is thanks to the BBC Scotland

February 17 2015

The editor received the following which is self explanatory--the show is tomorrow evening

Hello Gents.

My name’s Michael MacLeod, a producer at STV Edinburgh, which is a new channel launched
 this year and dedicated to the capital.

We have a nightly show called The Fountainbridge Show, broadcasting live from 7pm to 8.30pm.
 We currently average 100,000 viewers locally per night. On tomorrow’s (Wednesday) show I’ll 
have a feature that will reference the North British Rubber Company. Our guest is an artist who
 has made a large metal welly boot, which has been placed at the student flats on the site. 
You can read about it here: http://edinburgh.stv.tv/articles/310564-wellington-boot-sculpture-remembers-fountainbridge-factory-war-heroes

Her aim was to create a piece of public art reminding people about the factory and its people.

Regarding tomorrow’s show, I wondered whether either of you or another member of the Rinkly Pensioners 
Club might be available to join her on the show?

It’s a family show, broadcast at teatime. The interview would last between 5 and 10 minutes, and involve 
a general discussion with our two presenters Ewen and Hayley.

If either of you are able to come on the show, I’d be so thrilled. Local history sections are always the 
most popular part of our show. Or if you can suggest somebody, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Michael – 07855515747

February 16 2015
You are reminded that the annual lunch will again be held at the Casa Mir, 
Nunholme, Dumfries on Saturday 30th May 2015 for approx. 12.00 noon, 
to sit down approx 12.30pm. Please confirm to Martin Hale 
(martinhale@onetel.com)   your confirmation that you are attending.

December 26 2014
Active Golfing Members playing at the 'Braids' when Castle Mills closed in
 the early 1970's to read please Click

December 26 2014
Alex Massie on Tynecastle's bravest and saddest season in the Great War to read 
please Click http://www.nbrinklies.com/golf.html

December 24 2014

Thanks to Roy Gutteridge we have a photo and details of an Ice Hockey Puck made by NBR 
possibly a hundred years ago to view please Click http://www.nbrinklies.com/sundries.html

December 17 2014

We have some interesting bits about Tyres of yesterday and today 
to view please click

December 6 2014
There is a new page created to show the work going on in the very early seventies at Castle Mills
a newsletter -go to HISTORY page then to "Life at Castle Mills" and click

December 5 2014
Thanks to Bruce Stewart we have some old advertising for Flooring from the 20's
to see please Click Here 

December 5 2014

Thanks to Andy Wanstall we have some more golfing and other history to remind us of the seventies and before
to go there please Click 

December 1 2014
After a lot of really hard work we now have the total list of those killed in the first world war shown on the 
monument located in the Scottish Museum on Chambers street.  Information includes where they came 
from, date of death, regiment, etc.  This is all thanks to Bruce Stewart and Graham Thompson.  
To read please click here

November 25 2014
Thanks to Bruce Stewart we have the Castle Mills News letter from May 1972 to
read please click here

November 17 2014
To see the value of an oil Hose stream in the Oceans please click Here

November 17 2014
Pleased that we can show some of th trophies from the Castle mills Golf Club circuit 1967
thanks to Andy Wanstall to view please click here  http://www.nbrinklies.com/golf.html

November 17 2014
Thanks to Roy Gutteridge we have the advert from the Paris Office showing a picture
of Castle Mills around 1920 to view Click here

October 29 2014
Thanks again to Andy Wanstall we have some historic pictures of the Braids
to read please click here:

October 29 2014

 A wonderful postcard (both sides) of the NBR attendance at the
British Empire Exhibition in 1924 Click Here

October 23 2014
Sadly we have to report the passing of  Mrs Alice Barclay
To read Click here: 

October 10 2014
We have created information about the history of golf at Castle Mills and Newbridge
Please read and if you can help please contact editorbrinklies@aol.com

To read click here: http://www.nbrinklies.com/golf.html

Aug 4 2014

A Tribute to the ladies of the Clothing Department.
To read click here:

July 7 2014

A great tribute to our old friend Ted Murray to read please Click Here

July 2 2014

The Annual Lunch of Rinklies Retirees can be seen by clicking here:

June 2 2014

2 more Eulogies have been posted for James Thomas Lowe, one from his grandchildren
and one from his son Peter Lowe. 
To read them Click here: 

May 10 2014

Jimmy Lowe 

Sadly, we have been told by Dorothy that Jimmy died this morning.
For funeral arrangements and Wake invitation please Click Here:

May 1 2014

The photograph of the 1971 Mechanical Dinner is on the web but in order to add names has
been divided into three parts We have about 70% of the names but if anyone can add names
 it would be appreciated. Please send your suggestions to the Editor at  editornbrinklies@aol.com
To view please Click Here

April 28, 2014

See new story about Memories of a Post boy at Castle Mills.
To read please Click http://www.nbrinklies.com/peoplewehaveknown.html

April 16, 2014

We have to thank Bruce Stewart who has sent in the programmes for both the 1971 and 1972
Mechanical Dinners to remind us all of 40 years ago

Bruce tells us that he worked at Castle Mills between May 1968 and May 1972 and as a result 
news about the award from the lottery fund  he went into Google and found the Rinklies  
.  He also says that he remembers quite a few old colleagues who are shown on the
retirees lunches and the old mechanical dinners

He was initially employed as a postboy, (the Personnel Recruitment Officer was George Gray)
attached to the Stationery Office alongside Harry Gamble who had only one arm and then as a
junior clerk in the hose factory alongside Bill Dunsmore and Peggy McNeill before becoming the
junior production planner in the hose factory.
His immediate boss in that latter job was Joe McDougall.

The photograph he sent of the attendees at the dinner in 1971 is a great reminder, also the
copy of the Ticket at 25 shillings per ticket

Thank you Bruce
To read please Click http://www.nbrinklies.com/mechanicaldinners.html

April 4, 2014

Thanks to Dick (AKA Richard) Bell Success with regard to the Castle Mills site --
a grant has been given of 5,Million Pounds by the lottery to back the development
which will include the history of North British Rubber Company.
To read please Click

February 25, 2014
The details of the 2014 Rinklies Pensioners Club lunch are available.
To read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/rinklypensionersclub.html

December 23, 2013
Sadly we have learned of the passing of Sandy Kay on Sunday December 22, 2013.
To read please Click

December 17, 2013

Call for help in finding a small NBR badge about Randolph Turpin
To read please Click

November 1 2013

Here are the plans for the future of the old NBR Office Building

Elspeth Wills is the lady who is assisting Edinburgh Printmakers on the design of the facility
 they are planning for the old NBR HQ building at Gilmore Park. Elspeth would love to talk
to or hear from anyone who actually worked in the HQ building to give her some background
 on the activities carried out there.
Elspeth can be contacted at Elspeth Wills Research, 3 Browns Place, Edinburgh EH1 2HX
Tel 0131 226 6659 email eandmwills@btinternet.com  
to read please Click http://www.nbrinklies.com/ww2.html

October 19, 2013
We are trying to help a young lady to find old friends who worked at the Mill in the Fifties 
to read please Click  http://www.nbrinklies.com/wherearetheynow.html

September 5, 2013
Footwear from NBR of yesterday !!!!

August 11, 2013
Thanks to John Hume and Martin Hale we have a eulogy for our old colleague Jack Boyd.
To read please click here: 

July 15, 2013
Martin Hale has advised the Editor of the sad passing of our old colleague Jack Boyd.
To read please Click Here:


June 12 2013
The Annual Lunch of Rinklies Retirees can be seen by clicking here:

June 6 2013
India Rubber World's Editor visit to Scotland 1909 and his history report.
Click http://www.nbrinklies.com/thestart1856-1890.html

April 30 2013
 A picture from the 1920's of Castle Mills to view please Click

April 23 2013

A web site about Heathhall  history appeared
It has been partly downloaded and all about the Heathhall factory premises. 
There are 177 digital pictures with explanations
  The page linking to the 
photographs cannot be found—each time it is tried it returns to the front page.
The page prints and drawings, manuscripts, and the mapping page have ?
all been downloaded 
Hope you enjoy looking   We will stop there in order to retain our sanity to view 
please Click

April 15 2013
Please note advice about parking at the funeral of our old friend Tom Bartlett
 to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/obituaries.html

April 13 2013

The Editor found a little bit of history of the NBR golf balls circa 1920's
  to view please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/heathhall.html

April 13 2013

  The funeral arrangements for our old friend Tom Bartlett are now available at

  April 11 2013

 Sadly we have to report the death of our old friend and colleagueTom Bartlett 
 this morning, to read  please click 

April 9 2013

Sadly we have to report the death of Margaret Swanson who 
worked at Castle Mills from 1954 to 1983 to read please Click

April 4 & 6 2013
On the Heathhall page there are two items, one to cheer us up the 
wedding photos of Roy Gutteridge's daughter and the second is
 a link to the history of the Heathhall factory Please Click

March 30 2013
Sad news, Heathhall factory is to close to read please click 

March 12 2013

A photo of Scotland has been added to the RPC page to view Click Here

March 11 2013

Sadly we report the passing of Bill McEwan. To read please click

March 7 2013

You are reminded that the June lunch in Dumfries will be at the Casa Mia restaurant in Dumfries
on June 8 Please check your diaries to see the page please click here

March 4 2013
We are privileged to be able to show the Eulogy for Jimmy Allwinkle given by his son Sam
to read please click here http://www.nbrinklies.com/obituaries.html 

February 27, 2013


February 8, 2013
Fifty years ago presentation in the Castle Mills Development Department --to view etc

January 28, 2013
Some photos of the old Castle Mills site as it is today, our thanks to Richard Bell for his photos and comment  to view etc


December 20, 2012
Sadly we report the passing of Ted Murray.  Arrangements are posted there as well.  To read please click

July 28, 2012
Thanks to Des Joslin we have a story of his inheritance of a motor cycle with Clincher tyres, the front one of which
is in remarkable condition.  To read, please click below.

June 18, 2012
A very enjoyable lunch for former employees of NBR was held at the Casa Mia restaurant in Dumfries
on June 2, 2012. A total of 27 former employees and spouses attended

June 18, 2012
Check out the story of the WEBA Golf Club 1886

June 12 2012
Sadly we report the passing of Fritz Weber to read please click

May 2012
Sadly we report the passing of Vic Wallis to read please click

May 5 2011
With the excellent help of Albert Rose we have been able to define who, where and 
when of a Footwear Sales conference held in Elche Spain --to read please click

May 3 2011
Linda Clarke has kindly given us the history of her uncle Ian Ewing who was the 
Birmingham Branch manager for Tyres to read all please Click

April 6 2011
The summer lunch for  Rinklies Club  is planned for May 21 to read details please click

April 2 2011
Our sincere thanks to Mairi Hunter of the Ewart library in Dumfries

Jim  McAlister and Martin Hale discovered that the Ewart Library in Dumfries had 
copies of the NBR and Uniroyal News. This was a real find by Martin and Jim as we
 found that we had very few  copies  of the later years.  Also we hope to obtain
copies  the initial years of the monthly News Magazine. These magazines were
 enjoyed by many employees of NBR and subsequently Uniroyal
Mairi Hunter of the Ewart library very kindly scanned the Front pages of years 1966,
 1967 and 1968 for us. Mairi graciously then offered to do more for us when asked. 
These three years of copy have been posted on the www.nbrinklies.com web site
please go to the Front Pages page to see the latest 

March 14 2011
Sadly we have to tell of the passing of Stephen Mouat to read please click

March 5 2011
We now have the front pages from 1950  to 1964 (with only Feb 50, 
 missing) and we have a few prior to 1950 to read please click 

February 27 2011
Thanks to Neil Niblett we have some photos and memories of his aunt Olga Niblett 
and John Coutant who was NBR MD in 1949 to read please click

February 21 2011
Thanks to a fine website called Electric Scotland we have the story of rubber
 to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/ww2.html

February 15 2011
We are grateful to Kip Atwall of Business History for allowing us to show 
the history of Rubber across the world to read  please click

February 3 2011
Details of the new version Footwear Sales Conference 1956 to read please click 

January 26 2011
We now have more information about the War memorial from Castle Mills 
to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/ww2.html#NBR War memorial

January 25 2011
 a story showing Portobello Power Station with NBR conveyor belting 
carrying 1000 tones per hour--alas it is no more  to read please click here

january 23 2011
An interesting story of Dumfries Town from the 1800's to read please click

January 23 2011
A report on the Mechanical handling Exhibition of 1956 to read  please click

January 23 2011
F L Pearlman wrote several instalments named the Romance of Rubber
 to read 4 & 5 (others will follow when we find them )
 please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/laboratory.html#Romance of Rubber

January 17 2011
For Castle Mills golfers and their memories please click

January 17 2011
A group of Appointments from  1961of well known and respected company employees
to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/appointments.html

January 17 2011
We now have the front pages from 1948  to 1964 (with only 1953 and 1954 missing)
to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/frontpages.html#1964

January 17 2011
Another well known personality Dave Crook to read his personality 
story from 1963 please click here http://www.nbrinklies.com/personalitycolumn.html

January 17 2011
To read the about the various NBR products involved in the New 
Coal Board vehicle Please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/tyres.html

January 16 2011
The beginning of Tiptrak the new conveying system to read please click

January 16 2011
More Tredaire progress from 1963 to read please click 

January 16 2011
Some additions to the PowerGrip story-- to read please click

January 16 2011
Please have a look at the Business page with information on "Work and Methods,
 Goods in Progress, Accounting 1959, The Telex Machine, and Head Office Operating
To read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/thebusiness1946-1972.html

January 9 2011
The records of the Mechanical Dinners has been cleaned up but we are still 
searching for the missing years to read please click;

January 9 2011
An interesting look back at the Telex machine operation and  Credit and 
Collection operation in 1959 to read 
please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/thebusiness1946-1972.html

January 5 2011
Sadly we have to advise you of the passing of an old friend Alexander Forbes
to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/obituaries.html

January 5 2011
The USRI conference held in London in February 1962 some well remembered 
personalities to view please click ;http://www.nbrinklies.com/powergrip.html

January 5 2011
Two new items on the Heathhall page --the Annual Staff dance in February 1962 
and the manufacture of Bathing Caps to read please click 

January 4 2011
Another great example of the first class technology and quality of Oil Hose 
that came out of Castle Mills to read please click 
http://www.nbrinklies.com/oilhose.html#Sanctuary for Super Tanker

January 3 2011
Here are some pictures of the Castle Mills Staff dance in late 1961 to read click here

January 3 2011
The first NBR worker to qualify for the Golden Shoe award Arthur Ager at Castle Mills 
to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/miscellaneous.html

January 3 2011
Here we have a reminder of how time moves on --the pre wedding presentations to 
John Dickson and Tom Bartlett by Bob McGill the SPC Manager to read please click

December 26 2010
Unfortunately due to snow the Lunch for the Rinklies on November 27 had to be cancelled
to read Martin's note please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/rinklypensionersclub.html

December 22 2010
Some new descriptions of the beginning of the North British Company to read please click

December 20 2010
An interesting history of the WEBA golf club--it is older than the first golf club in USA
to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/ww2.html

December 14 2010
Here is an item copied from the Edinburgh Evening News 2011 Calendar showing workers at
Castle Mills putting the finishing touches on Welly Boots http://www.nbrinklies.com/ww2.html

December 7 2010
The Editor received a letter from the Forth and Borders Cases Panel which is 
objecting to the demolition of the Old NBRC Office buildings---
To read the full story  please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/thestart1856-1890.html

December 6 2101
We have the Eulogy created by Audrey Lyon for her mother the late Jean Currie
who was the Secretary to the Technical Department at Heathhall and much
appreciated by all,  to read please click

December 5 2010
More of the great progress PGB's have made to view please click

December 4 2010
Vic Wallis interviewed  on Hose by BBC for Scottish Programme to read please click

December 4 2010
The Tyres Advertising Manager A C Barrett who worked from the Horseferry Road Office
 in 1961 records a great holiday experience he and his family had  in Scotland  
to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/horseferryrd.html

December 4 2010
The years 1960 and 1961 has been added to the list of NB Front pages to read 
please click  http://www.nbrinklies.com/frontpages.html

November 26 2010
A new Era in the Gas Industry--7000 Ft of North British Belting used in 
first such project in Britain to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/heathhall.html

November 25 2010
Amazon Hose specified for the ESSO Milford Haven Project to read please click
http://www.nbrinklies.com/oilhose.html#Esso Refinery at Milford Haven

November 25 2010
Royalite--an increasingly busy corner of Castle Mills to view please click

November 25 2010
Head Office Operating  to view please click

November 23 2010
An interesting few bits about Tyres and calendering to read please click

November 9 2010
To view the record of her Majesty The Queen Mother's visit to Castle Mills in 
November 1960 please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/mechanicalscm.html

November 7 2010
Great descriptions for our markets in Asia for our Monsoon Products
to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/oilhose.html

November 7 2010
Europe's Most Modern hose factory  to view please click

November 7 2010
Noreen Paterson who worked in the Lab at Heathhall was chosen as the 
Dumfires Cornet's Lass to view please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/heathhall.html

November 7 2010
More great work by technical sales of the PG belts and use om the BRM cars
to view please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/powergrip.html

November 3 2010
We now have all the Front Pages of the NB News up to December 1959
to view please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/frontpages.html

November 3 2010
More about Heel Moulding for  Footwear at Heathhall in 1959 to view please clickhttp://www.nbrinklies.com/heathhall.html#Towards Moulded Footwear

November 2 2010
An item about Royalite being used to refurbish a Hunting Clan aircraft 
for it's African service  in 1959 to read please click 

November 2 2010
More uses for the Power Grip Timing Belt circa 1959

November 2 2010
Three items from the NB News of 1959 about heathhall have been posted
Conveyor Bleting, Underlay and Moulded Footwear to read please click
http://www.nbrinklies.com/heathhall.html#Underlay Output increases

An interesting bit of history from the Scottish Daily Express of 9/10/1958
to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/ww2.html#This firm supports the Hearts

Please remember the Rinklies pensioners Club lunch on Nov 27 
to read more please click  http://www.nbrinklies.com/rinklypensionersclub.html

September 27 2010
The latest postings on the New Hose factory 

September 26 2010
A new page covering the lab and other areas to read please click

September 26 2020
Heathhall Security in 1959 to read please click

September 25 2010
A copy of the NB news personalities from 1959 this shows John Wall to
read please click

September 25 2010
More items of historic interest about the Clothing Department to read click

September 25 2010
An article about the Sundries Department  to read please click images/Sundries_0009.pd

September 19 2010
Some wedding bell facts from December 1959 in Clothing and Car Mats

September 18 2010
A drawing and photograph of the Rubber Regen factory in Manchester
to see please click    http://www.nbrinklies.com/rubberregen.html

August 21 2010
The Story of the 117 years of life at Castle Mills and more about the First Manager 
at Castle Mills    to read please click

August 18 2010
A collection of workers at the Rubber Regen factory in Manchester in the 1980's 
to see please click    http://www.nbrinklies.com/rubberregen.html

August 2 2010
Some more North British News front pages from 1948 onwards to read please click

July 3 2010
A very kind gentlemen from the USA has sent us some interesting history of his 
family one of whom was a manager of NBR Castle Mills from 1860 to 1866 to 
see please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/thestart1856-1890.html

June 24 2020
Please click to see the report of the Rinklies Lunch on May 28th at Bruntsfield Golf Club

April 21 2010
We now have the second collection of memories of Margaret Stewart  Samuel 
Donaldson thanks to her Great Grandaughter Lorna Kinnaird to read please click

March 9 2010
Walter S Nutt another of the old school has passed on, he was Factory Manager
 of the Hose plant at Castle Mills in the early 70's. to read details please click

March 1 2010
Lorna Kinnaird the Great Grandaughter of Margaret Stewart Samuel Donaldson who 
worked fpr many years with North British Rubber Company has sent us a very 
interesting piece of history to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/ww2.html

December 28 2009
The photo of Willie Fraser's retirement lunch with 14 old friends now has all 
the names except one--to read please click

December 24 2009
Thanks to his daughter Mrs Patricia Davidson we have some great memories 
of her father Willie Fraser and Castle Mills personalities to read please click

December 5 2009
Sadly we have to report the passing of David Hanson on November 28 2009 
to read please click

December 3 2009
To see and read the report and photographs of the autumn Rinklies Lunch please click

December 1 2009
Martin Hale tells us that the  Summer Lunch will be May 29th 2010 at Bruntsfield Golf Club 
to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/rinklypensionersclub.html

November 14 2009
It is with sadness we report the passing of Imelda Young to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/obituaries.html

November 9 2009
The Editor has been advised that Tom Lee has had some medical problems but is 
now back in his home in Passfield Lodge, Lightwater Surrey. If you would like to 
give him a call I am sure it would be appreciated 
--his phone number is 01276 474312

November 1 2009
The Rinklies lunch arrangements for November 28th --to read Martin Hale's letter
 please turn to http://www.nbrinklies.com/rinklypensionersclub.html

October 31 2009
 A great story about the tenacity of a team led by Nick Harrison, who delved into
 the past of aviation -the Grose-Feary Monoplane, now celebrating the 100th
 anniversary with a link to the BBC news clip on the 
story  to read please click: http://www.nbrinklies.com/seekinginfo.html

October 25 2009
We have two adverts from the "Times" of London 1916 --fascinating and we have 
to thank our friend in Barcelona Pablo for passing them onto us--to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/ww2.html

October 13 2009
We are indebted to an American lady , Laurie-Coccio Norris, a descendent of 
Howard Lee Norris the founder of NBR who has sent us some photos of a 
presentation in 1860 in Edinburgh
to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/ww2.html

August16 2009
We sadly have to report the passing of George Dunnet-- to read please clickhttp://www.nbrinklies.com/obituaries.html

August 12 2009
Please turn to History to read about the fact that the war memorial which was
 on the wall at the main gate at Castle Mills is now on show at the National 
Museum to see please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/ww2.html

August 12 2009
As a follow on from that it has been noted that there are two French men listed 
and we would like to try to find out where they worked in North British Rubber 
Company to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/seekinginfo.html

April 25 2009
To see the photo of the Castle Mills Works Fire Brigade of 1949 ( a full sixty years ago)
 please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/ww2.html

April 23 2009
Thanks to Ron Scott we have the 20 pages of the booklet showing work at 
North British Rubber  from 1856 to 1958 prepared by the Gorgie Dalry 
Living Memory Project to read please click 

February 6 2009
Martin Hale the Secretary of the Rinklies lunches held at Bruntsfield Golf Club 
tells the editor that the planned lunch on June 8th has had to be cancelled as 
the Club are refurbishing in time for the Club's bi-centenary celebrations. 
However the pre-Christmas lunch is still on and planned for November 28th

February 4 2009
A Castle Mills picture of 1909 and a photo of 180 long Service Workers taken 
in 1914 to see please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/ww2.html

February 4 2009
Again thanks to Pablo from Barcelona we have three Tyre adverts to see please
 click http://www.nbrinklies.com/tyres.html

February 4 2009
Thanks to Pablo of Barcelona we can show the photos of  three of the Founders 
of NBR  please click to go to the page http://www.nbrinklies.com/thestart1856-1890.html

December 17 2008
Sadly we have to report the passing of our old colleague from  Heathhall, 
Alastair Johnston to read more please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/obituaries.html

December 2 2008
The record of the November Lunch held in Edinburgh at Bruntsfield G.C is available
 for viewing to see please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/rinklypensionersclub.html

October 16 2008
Sandy and Margaret Kay visited the National Museum of Scotland in Chambers Street
 Edinburgh and took this photo of the War memorial which is now on show Thank you 
Sandy & Margaret to see please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/ww2.html

September 30 2008
Some interesting Sales info given out by the Bruxxelles Office agents for NBR 
probably pre First world War to see please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/tyres.html

September 17 2008
A fascinating story written in the India Rubber Works magazine of April 1909--close to a 
hundred years ago. it tells of NBR's first 50 years  to read please click

September 11 2008
Pablo from Barcelona has again found an interesting old Clincher tyre sign for 
sale on E-Bay and some adverts with sporting theme s from the 1991 times
to read all about it please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/tyres.html

September 11 2008
Dick Bell tells us that he plans to retire at years end and to read details please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/peoplewehaveknown.html

September 10 2008
Sadly we have to report the passing of our old colleague Alex Robertson to read 
more please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/whatsnew.html

July 24 2007
Thanks to Srewart Segrott  the war memorial plates are now featured prominently 
near the entrance to the new permanent exhibition entitled 
"Scotland :A changing Nation " to read full facts please click 

July 15 2008
The NBRinklies Pre Christmas Lunch will be held on Saturday 29th November 2008
at Bruntsfield Golf Club  Please place a note in your diary--For further information
please contact Martin Hale on  martinhale@onetel.com 

July 9 08
The photographic record of the lunch held at Bruntsfield Golf Club in Edinburgh
is on show to see please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/rinklypensionersclub.html

July 7 2008
Another contribution from our friend Pablo in Barcelona --a 1921 postcard 
advertising Clincher tyres to see please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/tyres.html

July 2 2008
Paul  R. McDermott, We now have the eulogy kindly forwarded by Paul's daughter 
Linda Gill,  to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/obituaries.html

June 20 2008
Stewart Segrott has given us the update on the War Memorial that used
 to be in Castle Mills to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/ww2.html

May 2 2008 
The Sales department circa 1960 reorganises to read please click 

May 1 2008
Three very interesting articles on Powergrip belts, the Kenwood Chef, Power Saws 
and the Goggomobile--they all converted to PGB in the 60's to read about it 
please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/powergrip.html

April 18 2008
To see views of the old Vulcanite Buildings May and July 1952 please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/thebusiness1946-1972.html#Vulcanite%201952

April 17 2008
An idea which lead to greater cleanliness and elimination of chalk in the extruding 
operation for which Dougie Forbes gained a reward to read please click 

April 17 2008

To read the personality columns containing write ups of Frank Stephen, 
Works Engineer and the great Tucker Pair, Willie and John --please click


April 17 2008
 Powergrip timing belt is Unique to read please click

April 10 2008
Sadly we have to report the passing of an old colleague John Wilkie to read 
please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/obituaries.html

April 9 2008
To view an advertisement from E-bay for a Clincher Tyre sign please click

April 5 2007
How the first belts came to be made at Castle Mills to read please click

March 27 2008
The start of PowerGrip plus a report on the First Sales Training course
 in Philadelphia attended by R Chalk and W Kerr from NBR
---50 ago
 to read please click     http://www.nbrinklies.com/powergrip.html

March 22 2008
To read of the Tyre Block expansion of 1957 please click

March 21 2008
Foundations of the new Hose Plant started -and Centre Block Rehabilitation-
to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/oilhose.html

March 21 2008
We have to thank John Campbelton for his help in identifying the missing names on 
the photo mentioned below of Foster Stewart making a presentation to Chief Constable 
Willie Merrilees-to see page please click; 

February 14 2008
Your help would be appreciated in helping to,identify a photo from the 50's with 
Foster Stewart presenting a golf club Please click to see

February 9 2008
A young researcher is asking for help in respect of Lion Tyre names and brands to 
read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/seekinginfo.html

February 1 2008
Our £3 Million Modernisation Plan-Hits the headlines from 1957 to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/thebusiness1946-1972.html

February 1 2008
Edinburgh had a bus service before London, to read please click 

January 31 2008
Please click here to read the 1957 annual Report http://www.nbrinklies.com/ww2.html
There are additions to the personality page to read please click 

January 30 2008
Please read the appointments of 1956 by clicking http://www.nbrinklies.com/appointments.html
Also an article on Fire hose circa 1956 by clicking http://www.nbrinklies.com/oilhose.html
in addition  the 1956 Mechanical Dinner  http://www.nbrinklies.com/mechanicaldinners.html

January 20 2008
The first in a series of articles on the overseas agencies giving an insight into the 
complex organisation needed--- To read the first from Amsterdam please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/thebusiness1946-1972.html

January 19 2008
It is with sadness that we have to report the passing of our old friend Ed Osterman--
to read obituary please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/obituaries.html

January 13 2008
Some more cuttings involving Mr Gordon and the factory 
re-organisation and an interesting little note about the 
Castle mills Factory Hooter to see please click


January 13 2008
An interesting cutting from NB News of 1950 giving information 
on Mr D.H. Gordon to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/personalitycolumn.html

January 9 2008
There is an interesting story of a lady from Canada, Mary Danforth, who was looking into the history of an old ball--possibly a golf ball presented to a Canadian gentleman in 1951 by Mr Gordon MD of NBR at that time to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/seekinginfo.html
October 23 2007
The Annual Christmas Lunch for the Rinklies will be held on December 8th at Bruntsfiled Golf Clun for details please click   http://www.nbrinklies.com/rinklypensionersclub.html
October 20 2007 
 John Humes
's Economics lecture to the Foreman's Training School dated 1958 to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/miscellaneous.html
October 18 2007
There are a number of  additions to the NB News page which has now been subdivided into five sections please click to see and then decide which section interests you  http://www.nbrinklies.com/nbnews.html
October 16 2007
The Edinburgh Evening News ran a nostalgic article on Sept 29 2007 on NBR to see the item please click   http://www.nbrinklies.com/ww2.html
August 29 2007
Sadly, we have to advise that Bill Hare died on 25th August 2007.  To read announcement please click 
August 10 2007
Rubberized Fabric for Balloons and airships
An historical story of the First World War when NBR  had, prior to hostilities, been trying to persuade the Government purchasing to buy from NBR . And now they had to, as the German source was out of bounds Please click to read the item 
July 12 2007
We have been contacted  by Nick Harrison who found our NBR website and wondered " whether any of your members would be able to help me with my research. In 1909 Messrs Grose & Feary built a monoplane in our village using NBR rubberised cloth." 
to see the NBR advert and find Nick's Web site address please click below  


May 29 2007
Jimmy Lowe has kindly supplied some photographs of people and functions of  years past at both Castle Mills and Heathhall to see please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/peoplewehaveknown.html

May 20 2007
A photo from a few years ago relating to the Exhibition of 1975 to see click http://www.nbrinklies.com/horseferryrd.html

May 20 2007
Please turn to the Horseferry Road page to see the story from Oct 15 1975- to see click   http://www.nbrinklies.com/horseferryrd.html

May 19 2007
Please turn to the Rinklie Pensioners Club page to see the smiling faces of those who attended the lunch at Brunstfield Golf Club on Saturday 12th May 2007--Please click to view

May 18th 2007
An interesting short history of the 117 years that Castle Mills existed from an article in the Uniroyal News not dated but guessed to be 1973 to read please click-- http://www.nbrinklies.com/thebusiness1946-1972.html

March 20 2007
John Campbelton has kindly prepared and allowed us to show the story of Royalite from it's beginnings in 1957 and we thank him --to read please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/royalite.html

March 12 2007
Tom Bartlett has prepared for our pleasure an interesting and informative story of Rubber Regenerating Company in Lancashire which was started in 1909 by an American Raymond Price--to read please click 

March 12 2007
An interesting advertisement pf the Company we guess from between the first and second world wars to look please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/thebusiness1891-1939.html

 March 8 2007

There  are a collection of cuttings featuring employees of the company and shown in the Personality column of the North British News which  was produced  and edited by the late Tom W. W. Davie  to see please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/peoplewehaveknown.html 

February 25 2007
Mary (Molly) Jackson

Sadly, we have to advise that Mary (Molly) Jackson of The Rubber Regenerating Company in Trafford Park died on 12 February 2007 to read click  http://www.nbrinklies.com/obituaries.html

February 25th 2007
The North British news of 1961 showed an interesting note in the Personality column including a Photograph of the "Two Smart Ladies" to see please click 

February  18  2007
Jimmy Lowe has kindly given us write ups on four of the products Golf Balls, Treadaire, Footwear, and Belting  All manufactured at Heathall Dumfries
Please click to read http://www.nbrinklies.com/heathhall.html

February 8 2007
A start to the page 1891 to 1939 A royal visit to Castle Mills in 1932 
to read about click here

February 8 2007
There have been  additions to the list of Mechanical Dinner Programmes 1961, 
1968 and 1973 have been added to have a look click here http://www.nbrinklies.com/mechanicaldinners.html

February 2 2007
The reports of Mechanical Dinners from the North British News from 1955 to 1965 
in the same format to enable you to read clearly Please click to read

January 23 2007
We have obtained a copy of "North British Rubber"  30 pages giving the history, 
at a guess we believe it was published in the late '40s. 
  Please click http://www.nbrinklies.com/ww2.html  
It really is a great read --Editor

January 19 2007
A look at the past--North British News--page 4  Please click to see 


January 16 2007 
The report of the first Rinklies Pensioners Club lunch with photographs--
please click to read

Jan 18 2007
We unfortunately have to report the sad passing of Rosa loving wife and great 
companion of Paul McDermott 

please click to read